Jazz Club Jury began after realising there wasn’t a good platform for getting info on clubs and festivals. So we decided to go to them and write about what we thought.

We’re not scathing in our reviews but we do appreciate a good damn vibe and superb atmosphere. With that in mind, we carry out reviews, sometimes in secret, video interviews with musicians and play the game of what’s good about the place. So far, we’ve loved everywhere we’ve been and it goes without saying, these judges are happy. With a mission of listing every club in the world, we’re going to be a tad busy with this little project.

The site is currently under review and will be completely redesigned, to make sure we’re at making good use of modern web design. Slated for July 2015, it promises to be a welcome addition to our folio of activities.

Client Interlude Project
Link http://jazzclubjury.com
Date 2010 – Current