For The Jazz Community

We’re constantly developing new services for musicians, listeners, festivals and venues.

It’s always difficult trying to get people through the door or building an audience for an event. With our tools and services we can use technology, branding and the value of musicians to get bums on seats.

Two platforms will soon be available online to promote yourself as a musician, your jazz festival and any jazz club or venue.

Our first will allow venues to be able to promote regular events through a custom event management system. We know there are many out there already, and some are just too complicated to work with. We’re working with simplicity and clarity in mind that’s elegant and user friendly.

We’ll be launching soon and expect it to be a huge benefit, for everyone trying to create an uplift in audience numbers.

Our second platform is not a big secret but news like this has to wait 🙂

Our aim is to create a huge and invaluable resource that everybody can use, across any device, in most languages. That’s all we’re sayin’…for now.